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I am very happy to share another healthy dosage of laughter with you. I love laughing and share jokes with all. I have been collecting jokes and memes for about five years.

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I would like to share a poem that I had written for It’s about sending text messages from a basic model of a mobile phone prior to my acquiring the Smartphone.

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Woes of sending text messages.

I wish I could control my phone which is too perfect,
It poses a challenge to my intellect.
Every time I type a message, I fear,
I wanted to type hope you are well dear,
But it spelled out hope you are well dead,
Now the receiver of the message will curse me instead.
Autocorrect helps me rectify my error,
Sometimes it does unleash some kind of terror.
Punctuation plays an important role,
It could change the meaning of the sentence whole.
Playing with words is like playing with fire,
It could make or mar the conversation entire.
A guy sent a message to his girlfriend,
Their relationship came to an abrupt end.
He mistyped beautiful as beauty fool,
His girlfriend was obviously not so cool.
She called him names and blocked him from her life.
The poor guy lost his hope of making her his wife.
So, I decided to be slow, careful and then type,
As I don’t want to create unnecessary hype.
Once again I bow to autocorrect,
For posing a challenge to my intellect.

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A book review

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this wonderful series. Virginia Holmes reminds me of Sherlock Holmes though She is not his descendant. Her methods of deduction are quite unique like Sherlock. I also like her assistant, Samantha Fox. She is brave, intelligent, and has a great sense of humor. All the books in this series are too good to be missed. You have plenty of twists, turns and amazing surprises to keep you hooked to the series.

Murder at the Filmore ( Book One)

The Filmore Hotel is in Madison, Wisconsin, overlooking Lake Mendota. Samantha Fox is staying at the Hotel for a brief vacation. During her stay, she notices a couple having tense moments and reconciling at the dining hall. Later, she stumbles upon a dead body of the same man whom she had seen earlier with his girlfriend and screams. Detective Mitchell Johnson investigates the murder of Mr. Jason Temple whose body has been discovered by Samantha Fox, a writer. She notices an older woman in her fifties making an entry into the crime scene much to the consternation of The detective, Johnson. She gets into detective mode and starts poking around.

The woman, Virginia Holmes, points out the murder weapon, Athena statue. The guests at the hotel include Three couples: one clearly retired, the other two middle-aged, one of them being a black husband and his Hispanic wife. Virginia teams up with Samantha Fox to get involved in the investigation. They discover that Jason was seen with a blonde woman called  Valerie Stone and spoke  to Mr.Kennedy before his death. Holmes reveals that Jason was married to her niece, Rachel. She is a suspect in his murder. Will Holmes and Fox nab the actual killer and prove Rachel’s innocence?  Witty, humorous, and thrilling is how I would describe the book.

Vanishing Spy. ( Book 2)

Samantha Fox and Virginia Holmes visit Sarlat-la-Canéda in France to solve the murder case of Francois Delacroix, a sixty-three- year- old house servant. He was employed with Pierre Moreau, founder of Moreau-Klein ( defense contractors dealing in weapons and arms). According to her available information, Pierre’s son, Remy Moreau, heard disturbing noises and came down to witness a dark figure escaping from the crime scene. He saw Francois stabbed with a knife and an antique vase being knocked out. What’s weird about the case is nothing is missing except for a key. Why did someone kill Delacroix over a key? What does it open? There is plenty of historical reference to the German invasion that has important bearing on this case. It’s absolutely thrilling. There is a mystery within the mystery. It’s very impressive. You will be surprised with the tremendous twists and turns.

Deadly Odds (Book 3)

Virginia Holmes and Samantha Fox are hired by Laura Green to investigate the mysterious disappearance of her twin brother, Will. They ( Laura and Will) own Priceless Antiquities dealing with antiques from all over the world and their auction. This time, it’s the priceless antique The Immortal Chalice that has been set for the auction. Holmes and Fox have to find out the missing Will before the auction and why he disappeared. Fox notices an Asian couple following her and Holmes during the investigation. They stumble upon the dead body of Kate Williams, an appraiser and learn about the death of Holly Bloomer, an auctioneer. The case is very thrilling and full of historical references to deception and lies. It’s a must read. Check out this spine chilling adventure of Virginia Holmes and Samantha Fox.

Iced out in Iceland ( Book 4)

Virginia Holmes and Samantha Fox head out to Reykjavik, Iceland to investigate the murder of Kolbeinn Stephensson whose body had been discovered by Henrik Victorsson, hanging over the top rung of the wooden fence. They take a tour bus operated by Kolmar for local sightseeing before reaching the Devil’s Foot. They check into their room at The Puffin, a local lodge where Inspectors Asmundur and Katharina Svavarsdottir greet them. They try to trace the last steps of Kolbeinn and also learn about an unsolved murder of author Leif Ericksson. Kolbeinn had a drink at the Puffin before his death. Ragnar Annmarsson, the manager cum bartender briefs Samantha Fox about Kolbeinn’s habits, his hatred for the tourists visiting the Kristalfoss Valley and his odd jobs in the farm and as a handyman. Who killed Kolbeinn and why? What happened to Leif Ericksson in 2010 when there was a volcanic eruption at Eyjafjallajökull? Are the two murders interlinked?

Virginia Holmes and Samantha Fox are perplexed by the bunch of lies from the people during their investigation. Can they rely on the testimony of any witness? This book is very thrilling and full of action drama.

Scarecrow Calling ( Book 5)

Terror strikes General Mitchell Airport after Samantha and Virginia return home to General Mitchell International Airport, Milwaukee, Wisconsin ( USA). Someone had injected Holmes with a poisonous injection of arsenic and Hemlock. It’s the handiwork of the Scarecrow killer who calls her and challenges her to a battle of wits. If she manages to win, she would be given the antidote or succumb to a certain death on her failure. There is a bomb blast and a murder. The killer is leaving clues behind which are complicated to unravel. Will Holmes and Fox win this dangerous game against an unknown criminal who had managed to evade law even after murdering several people? This is one of the most spine chilling stories. I kept chewing my nails in anticipation of the outcome. Excellent book.

Galapagos gone ( Book 6)

A couple, Anthony and Emma Garfield, mysteriously disappear from their sailboat after they violated an Ecuadorian law of visiting a national park without a ranger. There are traces of blood in their cabin with half eaten food on the table. Their nephew, Percinald aka Percy Garfield hires Virginia Holmes and Samantha Fox to settle a land dispute between the Garfields ( represented by him), a couple ( Edward and Constance Wagner) and another couple ( Henry and Mary Johansen).

Percy gives them some documents to scrutinize and then decide on the ownership of the land in dispute. His ancestor, Lawrence Garfield, was a pirate and an early settler at the island of Isabella( Galapagos). Samantha reads his diary. During their explorations of the beautiful islands, they come upon hidden diaries and documents of Jaime Garcia, Father Alex Mera, Helen Johansen ( Mary’s grandma) and Hannah Wagner ( Edward’s ancestor). Each revelation is scary and gives goosebumps. What happened to the present Garfields ( Percy’s uncle and aunt?) Someone tries to throw Holmes Virginia overboard. Will she survive? Read this adventure to find out what happened next. Very thrilling to the core.

The Honeybee Heist ( Book 7)

The detective duo of Holmes and Fox visit a bee farm in Montana to investigate the theft of beehives worth 2 million dollars at the farm of Mr. Kevin Gladstone. He introduces them to his partner, Dave Ruskin, and wife Winnie offers them tea and cookies. Their investigations lead them to question other beekeepers like Stanley Betts, assistant Jeremy, Elena Hart and her assistant Kevin Hill and Liza McCarthy. They also visit Doctor Sally Stross, an expert in rearing queen bees. There are startling revelations to keep the excitement going until the end. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this unique mystery with unexpected twists. Highly recommended for all the cozy mystery lovers.

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The beautiful, vibrant colors of this world fascinate me.
The golden yellow sunshine adds to my glee.
The red roses in the garden smile at me and captivate my heart.
The vibrant green foliage around me makes me drift apart.

The blueness of the sky and ocean often makes me wonder.
What might be lingering above the sky and beneath the oceans yonder?
Our skin complexions vary from fair, dusky, and dark.
So do the stunning colors of eyes in which true love spark.

The whiteness of the snowcapped mountains reminds me of vanilla ice cream cones.
I wish I could play with snowflakes though they might chill my bones.
I also think about the changing shades of human hair.
It starts with black, then moves on to grey and finally white. It’s not fair.

Flora and Fauna display stunning colors.
I know I could keep gazing at them for hours.
Just imagine that there were only the monochrome shades of black and white.
Oh, That would be a dreadful sight!

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I feel that our lives are very beautiful and colorful. It’s because we are gifted with awesome and beautiful species of flora and fauna resplendent with different colors, beauty, and splendor. Let’s take a look at our avian friends.


There are nearly 360 species of hummingbirds. They are the natives of America.They are found from they occur from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego( Southern America).It belongs to the biological family, Trochilidae. Most of the hummingbirds are 7.5–13 cm (3–5 in) in length. The smallest of the species is the bee humming bird measuring 5 cm ( 2 inches) and weighs 2 gms while the largest one is the giant hummingbird measuring 23 cms (9.1inches) and weighing 18- 24 gms. An interesting fact about the hummingbird is that it is the only bird that can fly backwards and it has no sense of smell. Hummingbird’s diet consists of nectars from flowers, insects like beetles, mosquitoes, and spiders.( Wikipedia and .


The pink Robin is a cute little bird from Southeastern Australia. It belongs to the family of Petroicidae. It measures 13.5 cm (5.3 in) with a small, thin black bill and brown eyes and legs. The male Robin has a white spot above the beak with grey-black upperparts, wings and tail while the female has grey-brown plumage. It feeds on insects like spiders, caterpillars, wasps, beetles etc.(


A martial eagle is a native of Sub-Saharan Africa. It belongs to the genus Polemaetus. It’s a predator that feeds on Monitor Lizards, snakes, jackals and medium sized wild cats.

There are approximately 30,000 martian eagles left. They weigh around 3-6 kg with length measuring 78-96 cms. Their average lifespan is 14-25 years.( Information courtesy: Wikipedia and Animalia)


Common eagles belong to the family of Accipitridae and found all over the world except Antarctica. There are nearly 60 species of eagles. Eagles have a powerful eyesight and their sight extends upto 3 kms away. The average lifespan of an eagle is 20-30 years. ( and ( Wikipedia)
Different species of eagle have different heights and weight. They mostly feed on reptiles, small mammals, birds and fish.


Owls are nocturnal birds and have over 200 species. They belong to a class Strigiformes and feed on small mammals, insects, fish. They are found all over the world except the polar ice caps and some islands ( Wikipedia).
The owls can turn their necks upto 135 degrees in two directions. ( Owls are silent fliers. They make no noise while taking off.


Parrots have an estimated 398 species and from the order Psittaciformes. The order is further classified into three superfamilies: the Psittacoidea (“true” parrots), the Cacatuoidea (cockatoos), and the Strigopoidea (New Zealand parrots).
( Wikipedia).
A large variety of them are found in South America and Australia- Asia. One-third of them are on the brink of extinction. Parrots are gifted with a rare and unique ability of imitating human words and laughter. Parrots mostly feed on nuts, flowers, fruit, buds, seeds and insects. (

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Good evening friends,

Hope you are doing well. Well, since Covid has resurfaced with its ugly head, staying at home is inevitable. Apart from cooking, doing household chores and blogging, I went through my emails and came across some interesting tips on the usage of words to improve our communication skills in English, both written as well as oral. I wish to share the same with you. I found these through Wordcounter’s infographic at

Do check these out as well. through

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Good morning friends,

Do join me for some mouth watering yummy Indian delicacies. Since I am a pure vegetarian, the breakfast, lunch, and dinner are vegetarian dishes. I prepare these at home but most of pictures are from where I had posted them. The images are mostly from and various Indian cooking website like Hebbar’, Subbu’ and so on. My husband has urged me to post the pictures of food that I prepare at home to a minimum.

It’s a typical South Indian Breakfast Thali consisting of idlis( the round-shaped four white ones) dosa( the light brown stuff near a banana) meduvada ( the brown item with a hole in the middle) uttappam ( mini dosa just below the vada) a milk sweet, sambar ( the brown liquid in the cup) coconut chutney ( the white liquid sprinkled with mustard) idli chutney powder ( the dry reddish brown spicy item that’s mixed with oil). There is the South Indian filter coffee in a steel tumbler.

These are methi parathas (Indian flatbread made with methi (fenugreek) leaves) with curd. You can even have pickles to go with it and a strong cup of tea. (

This is a special dish called VenPongal made from rice, lentil, black pepper, cumin seeds, cashews and plenty of ghee. It’s super yummy when consumed hot. We also eat meduvadas with it and a piping hot Sambar ( a spicy gravy with cut vegetables) in the glass bowl. ( I posted in

This is called Sabudana Khichdi made of Sago which is soaked either overnight or at least 4-5 hours before the preparation. I will share the recipe in my next blog dedicated to food. We Hindus normally eat this when we are observing a fast. Pickle is the cherished side dish.

This is called adai- avial. The item on the plate is the adai. It resembles dosa and is made from a batter consisting of all the pulses like bengal gram, Yellow split Pigeon pea ( Toor dal), rice and Urad dal ( Split & skinned black gram). We can add chopped onions if required in the batter. We evenly spread the batter on a heated frying pan with the help of a ladle and oil so that it can be easily turned using a dosa spatula. Coconut chutney is an excellent accompaniment with avial ( a gravy made from curd using all kinds of vegetables). We also eat them with jaggery pieces, butter, and idli chutney powder.
Pav Bhaji

This is more like an evening tiffin. It’s called Pav Bhaji. It consists of pav ( puffed bread) and hot spicy vegetable gravy called ( Bhaji). It’s a kind of Indian fast food in Maharashtra. Mumbai, especially, is famous for this dish. A dollop of butter on the gravy with a squeeze of lemon makes it highly delectable.

It’s the yummy puri-bhaji. The bhaji is potato curry. I love this dish. We normally have it for dinner. It can also be consumed with Chole ( a spicy gravy made of chickpeas).

This is how we serve food in South India. I live in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We use banana or plantain leaves on which various dishes are served. Rice, papad( the one over the rice), meduvada, pickles, banana chips, Sambar, Rasam ( a kind of soup made from tomatoes and tamarind pulp) and a variety of vegetable stew is served. We also eat curd rice before finishing our lunch.

This is my click

I had prepared these dishes on the last day of The Pongal celebrations as mentioned in my earlier post. I had made lemon rice, coconut rice, curd rice, a sweet milk pudding and papads.

I hope you liked it.

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A book review

This is the kind of paranormal cozy mystery that I enjoy reading. It’s absolutely delightful filled with humor, thrill, magic and excitement and compels you to continue reading until the end. Wow. It’s a perfect representation of all the human emotions.

Pepper Dunn’s life is in a mess in Nashville. The 25-year-old, Pepper, loses her job after Becky, her colleague, files a false complaint about her spitting on the food ( Pepper is a waitress). When she tries to return to her room, she notices a cat sitting in her car and tries to shoo it away.

She also notices a package containing a golden key with a Ruby fixed on the handle. She reads a note from her deceased Uncle Donovan entrusting her with a special gift. She is in for a rude shock after her roommate Sarah forcefully evicts her and gets her boyfriend to live with her. When she turns around towards her car, she is shocked to find a strange man whom she saw in her dreams. He asks her to go with him which she refuses. He launches attack on her with his magic but the cat which she saw earlier, comes to her rescue. She is stunned to find the cat speaking. The cat introduces herself as Matilda Moonpie and call her Mattie.

She tells her that she is a witch and has to go to Magnolia Cove, Alabama to claim her inheritance. The special gift happens to be a pet shop ( familiars for witches) called the Familiar Palace. She notices a strange man who introduces himself as Ebenezer, the owner of a pawn shop. Since Pepper is already confused about her identity, he tries to manipulate her into selling the shop. His attempt is thwarted by Pepper’s grandmother, Betty Craple.

Pepper meets her cousins, Carmen, Cordelia, and Amelia along with other family members whom she had never seen in a party organized for her homecoming. She also meets Axel Reign, a handsome private investigator. Pepper is desperate to give up her shop after the rumors of her uncle’s death as told by Ebenezer scares her . She makes her mind to give up the shop and go back to Nashville. Unfortunately, she sees his dead body with a knife below his ribcage. Officer Todd arrives at the crime scene to arrest her. She is rescued by her grandma and they go home. Pepper has to clear her name and find out who murdered Ebenezer.

She tries to run away from Magnolia Cove but Rufus the evil wizard springs a asty surprise on her again. Who is the evil man and what does he want from Pepper? Will she escape from his clutches and solve the murder before it’s too late? Read Pepper’s adventure with the mysterious handsome PI Axel Reign. Highly recommended for all paranormal cozy mystery lovers.

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I wish to take you with me to a destination unknown.
To a place where no one would bother us, we would be alone.
I wish to drown myself in the depth of your ocean of love.
Our romance is so pure and divine; We have the blessings of the heaven above.
Your fragrance gives me immense joy.
In your hands, I am just a toy.
My eyes keep searching for you always.
May we keep each other’s company for years together, months, and days.
You are present within my heart and every pore.
Without you, life for me is a big bore.
Promise me you won’t desert me in my hour of need.
I am looking forward to our deed.
Let me get ready to open up your cover.
I am yours truly forever.
How gorgeous do you look!
I wonder how long it took.
For the creator to bring you into this world.
I wish I could get this mystery unfurled.

Can you guess who my true love is? No……. It’s not my boyfriend or husband. It’s…………. Books. I am crazy for books. Sorry to prick the bubble of romance but books, they are a part of me.

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Just before I shed my mortal coil,
I wish to smear my forehead with this great soil.
Each grain of my Indian soil tells the story of bravery and heroism.
Every inch of my motherland will fight against terrorism.

I salute my country for nurturing us with a diet of humanity.
I salute my country that teaches us the values of kindness, compassion, and solidarity.
I salute my country that gives us freedom and reasons to live.
I salute my country that teaches us how to forgive.

I am proud of its rich cultural heritage.
Even women and children have displayed outstanding courage.
It’s gifted with knowledge and exceptional wisdom.
The brave soldiers guard the nation without fearing martyrdom.

I will continue to sing praises of its glory.
And regale my children with its heart-touching story.
To protect my fellow countrymen, I will lay down my life.
Be brave and continue to serve our country; It’s what I would tell my wife.

Don’t lose your heart even if I am gone.
As a responsible mother, raise our son.
And daughter with love, care, and discipline.
Tell them about the greatness of our country and its origin.
Teach them to accept themselves, no matter if they lose or win.
Train them on the path of virtues and avoid committing any sin.
Don’t search for me anywhere else; My residence is in your heart within.

My dear parents, I need your blessings to perform my duty.
In your feet, I seek solace and witness heavenly beauty.
Your sacrifices in raising me will never be in vain.
Had I several lives, I would sacrifice them again.
And promise to make my country proud.
Let’s all say, Jai Hind, aloud.

Jai Hind!

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